Meet the team

Louis Kennedy


Our team of lawyers is headed by Mr. Louis Kennedy, an ambitious professional with extensive experience in multiple areas of law, office administration, business development, and counselling.

Recognised as an experienced, knowledgeable, and highly diligent lawyer, Louis graduated in 2002 and started practising as a Lawyer in the UK in 2008. In order to further hone his skills and gain exposure of a diverse range of cases, he worked for a reputable law firm for over two years as an Assistant Solicitor before he was offered to serve as a Partner for the same firm in 2011.

Lauded as an enthusiastic and highly ambitious individual by his colleagues and clients, Louis decided to establish his own sole trader practice under the name ‘Louis Kennedy Solicitors’. Utilising his insight and experience of the industry, Louis not only successfully fulfilled the legal representation needs of his client, but also formed a team of seasoned law professionals who today provide expert legal advice to clients on a full spectrum of legal issues, ranging from family disputes and asset management to immigration and criminal law.

In addition to his deep law knowledge and experience, Louis Kennedy utilises his ability to understand and analyse both simple and complicated legal issues and his excellent problem solving skills to devise a unique solution for each of his clients. His good interpersonal skills and ability to focus under challenging situation allows him to represent the interests of his clients in an aggressive yet professional manner during court proceedings.


Benny Jose


A self-motivated individual and a competent criminal defence and family solicitor, Mr. Benny Jose undertaken a wide range of domestic violence, sexual assault, criminal,family and injury claims matters. He is also a speacilist in driving offences.

Benny’s proficiency in more than one area of law enables him to provide comprehensive legal services to his clients. He is particularly able to assist clients who may have criminal and family issues related to their immigration matter. Utilising his strong understanding and application of the law, Benny saves his clients the time, effort, and expense they would have incurred on working with more than one solicitor to deal with their situation.

He specialises in helping vulnerable clients with criminal and family issues and offering legal representation, which includes police station interviews. He provides representation on all criminal law matters, ranging from driving offences to serious criminal allegations and complex fraud. He advises people from the earliest stages of a case, before the charges have been brought, through to court proceedings. He is an experienced advocate at all levels of the criminal justice system, from the Magistrate’s Court through to the Court of Appeal and the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

Because of his diverse academic and professional background, Benny is particularly well-versed at collaborating with and advising a wide range of stakeholders, associations, authorities, and clients on a full spectrum of legal issues. A natural team player, Benny likes working in fast-paced, multi-cultural environments.